I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your care and support for China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd. (CMES).

Affiliated to China Merchants Group, CMES is a shipping company that principally engages in the shipping of energy. It is operating and managing the largest tanker fleet with longest history in China. CMES is also a major participant in the LNG marine-import projects in China and one of the major energy shipping companies in the world.

Since the maiden voyage of its first vessel "Aden" in 1872, China Merchants has been running its shipping business for more than a century. Inherited the foundation of shipping operation from China Merchants Group, CMES has been principally engaged in shipping business with a focus on the development and security of energy shipping for China. With bulk shipping as the core of its strategy, CMES has been developing its own dedicated fleet. Under stringent security management, CMES has been forming accurate judgement on markets and aggressively exploring opportunities for extension of industry chains. In addition, it leverages on the functions of capital markets and strengthens management by the application of information technology. Together with the training and development of its talent, CMES has always been achieving steady operating results and is highly regarded in the markets.

Among countless boats on the ocean, we will always conquer the waves. Going forward, CMES will firmly pursue its strategic objective of "establishing as a world-class energy shipping company with stronger core competitiveness" amid the increasingly competitive global environment. We will always be striving for excellence in operating our fleet, in our management, in developing our talent, in running our brands and in our operating results. We are also committed to creating value for our strategic investors as well as all of our clients, whilst making new and bigger contributions in protecting the shipping of energy for China.

Capt. Xie Chunlin
China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd.