On November 13, 2018, "New Vitality", the world's first sail-assisted VLCC and the 48th VLCC of CMES set off on its voyage.

As a ship owner and a major research unit of the project, CMES actively promotes and guarantees the research and application regarding the new green and intelligent technologies. It takes an actual VLCC ship as a demonstration ship for technology and provides many feasible solutions and ideas for the project research and development. Under the global trend of energy conservation and emission reduction, "New Vitality" undertakes the green mission for CMES to advocate wind energy as a key to energy conservation and emission reduction for ships, and will be widely promoted for further application.

China Merchants Shipping (CMS) strives to maximize energy efficiency through utilization of technology. On top of actively experimenting on new materials, skills, technology and equipment, other measures, such as effective management and advancement on ship equipment and technology, also help CMS to commit to our aspiration to run green ships.