Miao Jianmin names "ORE ZHOUSHAN" Ship for CMES Shipping

Date : 2021-03-17 Source : CMES SHIPPING

16 March 2021 - the delivery and naming ceremony of the 325,000-DWT VLOC "ORE ZHOUSHAN" jointly ordered by CMES Shipping and ICBC Leasing was held at Qingdao BSIC Pier 2. Miao Jianmin, Chairman of China Merchants Group (CMG), attended the ceremony and named the new ship. Fang Wei, Vice Mayor of Zhoushan City, cut the rope for the new ship. Member of the Standing Committee of Qingdao Party Committee, Secretary of the Qingdao West Coast New District Working Committee and Secretary of District Committee Sun Yonghong; CSSC Chairman Lei Fanpei, Deputy General Manager Sun Wei; ICBC Senior Executive Vice President Xu Shouben; CMG Vice Presidents Wang Hong & Deng Renjie; CMES Shipping Chairman Xie Chunlin; China Classification Society President Mo Jianhui, and ABS East Hemisphere Survey Operations Senior Vice President Eric Kleess, attended the ceremony.

At the ship delivery and naming ceremony, Miao Jianmin named the new ship: ORE ZHOUSHAN, and wished it to bring glory to the builders, create values for the owner, and keep the crew safe forever.

In his address, Miao Jianmin pointed out that "ORE ZHOUSHAN" is the last ship in the series of six 325,000-DWT VLOCs project. The successful completion of the project will play a positive role in helping CMG to better serve the new development road of "dual cycles" and put the initiative of "transportation empowering the nation" into practice. Miao Jianmin expressed his gratitude to partners such as Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (BSIC) and ICBC Leasing, and claimed that CMG is willing to further foster strategic partnerships with partners such as ICBC and CSIC to develop in-depth cooperation in growing stronger, serving the national strategy, promoting modern industry chain enhancement, enlarging state-owned economy, and jointly writing a new chapter of win-win cooperation in the new era.

Lei Fanpei said in his speech that the delivery of "ORE ZHOUSHAN" is an important achievement for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP. Over the years, CSIC, CMG, and ICBC have carried out fruitful cooperation around national strategies such as maritime industry empowering the nation, shipping industry empowering the nation, manufacturing industry empowering the nation, and science & technology empowering the nation, and have achieved fruitful results. The recovery growth of the global economy and international trade has further expanded the rooms for the three parties to deepen cooperation. CSSC will take the delivery of "ORE ZHOUSHAN" ship as an opportunity to further deepen the strategic partnership of win-win cooperation with relevant parties.

Xu Shouben said in his speech that the delivery of "ORE ZHOUSHAN" ship started the full operation of this series. ICBC will continue to play its role as a financial service provider, closely liaise with ship manufacturers and ship operators, assist domestic shipyards in taking overseas orders, support Chinese shipping companies to participate in international shipping competition, and promote more "ships made in China" to sail all over the world with integrity.

Before the ceremony, Miao Jianmin met with Lei Fanpei and expressed his gratitude to CSSC and all parties for their efforts to successfully complete the "ORE ZHOUSHAN" ship. Ding Lei, Vice President of CMES Shipping, ICBC Leasing Deputy CEO Wang Zhenyong, and BSIC Chairman Wang Guohai, signed the ship handover protocol.

ICBC Leasing Party Secretary Zhang Zhenghua, Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Chairman Chen Qing, BSIC General Manager Gu Kechao, Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SMSDRI) Director Lü Zhiyong; representatives of Zhoushan City, ICBC, China Classification Society, CSIC, SMSDRI, BSIC, construction supervision team, "ORE ZHOUSHAN" related representatives; CMES Shipping Chairman Xie Chunlin, related persons in charge of CMG Office, CMES Shipping, China Merchants Bank Qingdao Branch attended the ceremony. 


"ORE ZHOUSHAN" was designed by SMSDRI and built by BSIC. 

Total length 340m, width 62m, depth 29.5m; single-layer continuous main deck, straight bow and square stern, with a capacity of 30 people; classified as ABS+CCS. It is green, safe, efficient and energy-saving.


Fueled by heavy oil, diesel, and MGO; equipped with LNG READY function; with ballast water treatment device, desulfurization device, and high-voltage shore connection; SOx emissions less than 0.1%, zero emission when docking.


Structure and node optimized on the basis of finite element analysis; PAUT&TOFD flaw detected, with real-time stress monitoring system.


Optimized in design, equipped with high-efficiency propellers, vortex fins, ultra-long-stroke main engines, energy efficiency management systems, and tank energy-saving systems. Built in strict precision and surface control. Product carbon emissions at IMO EEDI Phase II. Standard speed with leading fuel efficiency.


Suitable for multi-port loading /unloading; advanced design of fast loading, one-person bridge, and unmanned cabin, efficient and convenient to operate.

The naming and delivery of "ORE ZHOUSHAN" ship marked the completion of the series of 6 ships. These ships in service are important to optimize the structure of CMG's shipping capacity, increase maritime connectivity, and encourage the construction of "Belt and Road" Initiative and the practice of maritime industry empowering the nation.