CMES Shipping Holds Meeting on Model Construction of NEW VISION

Date : 2021-09-30 Source : CMES SHIPPING

30 September 2021 - CMES Shipping held a meeting for summarizing the results of model construction of NEW VISION, and to explore the possibilities in working out and further promoting of the Hailiao Spirit, while making arrangements for the next step. Chaired by Cao Hong, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, the Meeting was attended by Xie Chunlin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Wang Yongxin, President and Director of CMES Shipping. 

Xie Chunlin stressed that the Meeting was designated to further arrange and promote the construction of the CMES model. All organizations should make persistent efforts and empower corporate development during the process. It is hoped that CMES to adhere to the objectives and establish a long-acting mechanism for such model, with its core competitive edge to be created by aligning with first-class peers. Also, a people-oriented approach should be adopted to create a favorable atmosphere for serving the same purpose. Meanwhile, CMES should strive to make constant breakthroughs and achievements and vigorously contribute to the high-quality development of the shipping business of China Merchants Group (CMG), by taking the opportunities brought by the inclusion of the Hailiao Spirit, a more-specialized mechanism for operation process, into the list of "benchmark projects" shortlisted by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC). 

Wang Yongxin stated that, the mechanism should be developed to establish benchmarks that can be referenced to, achievable, replicated, followed, learned, marketable and optimizable. CMES should combine and empower the targets of being a "benchmark enterprise" and all the "benchmark projects" by utilizing all the resources within the organization, and set up benchmark standards, specify learning models, and identify the gap and direction by following the SMART principle. A sound mechanism should be created to catch up with outstanding models, give full play to its leading roles, and offer trainings according to job duties. Besides, the capabilities and skills that are needed in such model building should be strengthened through continuous learning. 

The report on building the Hailiao Spirit has been addressed by the Administration Department and the work of all organizations in the previous phase has been highly appreciated. Vice President Yan Wushan has then made explanation on the Work Plan of CMES for Constantly and Deeply Promoting Model Construction of the Hailiao Spirit. The Steering and Working Groups as well as all subsidiaries have also elaborated their opinions.