WMMF Live Streaming Bar Supports China Merchants Elite Program

Date : 2021-11-23 Source : CMES SHIPPING

20 November 2021 - Dalian Maritime University (DMU) and Shenzhen Haishun Marine Services Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Haishun) jointly held the Promotion Meeting on China Merchants Elite Program, 2020 Maritime University-enterprise Cooperation Program. Although the event could not be held on-site, as affected by the pandemic, DMU and Shenzhen Haishun switched the promotion meeting from offline and face-to-face to online by utilizing Live Streaming Bar and breaking the pandemic and geographic restrictions. The "cloud-based promotion" turned out to be successful.

Live Streaming Bar is an exclusive livestreaming platform created by CMES Shipping for the exchange and communication during the World Maritime Merchants Forum. This platform satisfies all types of livestreaming demands in the industry, including technical discussion, product promotion, recruitment, and seafarer training. Besides, it will continue serving the connection, exchange, and sharing in the shipping industry.