World Maritime Merchants Forum App Launched for Attending Conference at Fingertip

Date : 2021-10-14 Source : CMES SHIPPING

As the World Maritime Merchants Forum (Forum) has adopted new digital technologies in the purpose to create a new digital conferencing model both online and offline, a brand-new online exchange platform, with ways of participation in the form of Web, H5, and App, was developed to broaden the connections and online communication flow within the industry, and to promote a new live-streaming culture for maritime merchants. Participants from around the world can sign up for the Forum online for free by choosing to attend with any of the online ways.

Following the launch of the website and mobile terminal of the Forum, the World Maritime Merchants Forum App went live on October 13. Anyone is welcomed to join the Forum without any border restrictions by installing the App from the respective App platform and scanning the QR code below.