WMMF Sponsors Captain's Table Innovation Competition

Date : 2021-12-08 Source : CMES SHIPPING

2 December 2021 - YPSN HK joined hands with the WMMF platform to organize the final of 3rd Captain's Table International Shipping and Logistics Innovation Competition in Central, Hong Kong. Through fierce contesting, the 13 Mari Ltd team from Bulgaria won the top place among the eight finalists with its solution of Sticking Geometric Parts to the Hull to Reduce Flow Resistance So As To Improve Vessel Energy Efficiency. WMMF Live-streaming Bar broadcast the competition live worldwide.

Captain's Table Innovation Competition is a well-known global event dedicated to maritime transport and logistics with the aim of identifying outstanding start-ups and projects, and introducing them to enterprises and exploring solutions to the challenges facing the industry currently and in the future for sustainable development.

WMMF Helps Organize the Competition Building a Bridge between Start-ups and the Industry

Dedicated to building a top maritime business platform for maritime merchants around the world to share, grow and prosper together, WMMF is firmly committed to its mission of sharing, achieving mutual benefits, connecting with future and creating value to serve each and every participant in the ecosystem.

As an industry-leading Innovation-friendly shipping company, CMES Shipping is always active in supporting the efforts to develop Hong Kong into an international shipping center.

During his visit to the site of finals on 2 December 2021, Capt. Xie Chunlin, Chairman of CMES Shipping, presented the Compilation of Speeches at 2021 First World Maritime Merchants Forum to the organizer, hoping that both sides would facilitate cooperation and communication to contribute more innovations to the world's maritime transport and logistics.