Hu Jianhua Names NEW COROLLA of CMES Shipping

Date : 2021-12-10 Source : CMES SHIPPING

10 December 2021, the naming and delivery ceremony of the 307,000-ton ultra-large intelligent crude oil tanker (T300K-97), which was built jointly by CMES Shipping and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC), was held in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Dalian. Hu Jianhua, President of China Merchants Group, attended the ceremony and named the new vessel. Sun Wei, Vice General Manager of China CSSC Holdings Limited, Yang Zhizhong, Chairperson of DSIC, Lin Jiming, Vice General Manager of DSIC, Yan Wushan and Ding Lei, Vice President of CMES Shipping, Kong Kang, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Hu Bin, Assistant General Manager and General Manager of AMCL, Wu Jianyi, Chief Engine Officer and Associate Safety Director, and Li Zengzhong, Chief Captain and Safety Director, attended the ceremony. Ms Zhao Juan, Assistant General Manager and Securities Representative of the Board Office of CMES Shipping, cut off the rope tied to the new vessel.

In his speech, President Hu said that New Corolla is the third of the six 307,000-ton supertanker projects and was carefully designed, managed and built by DSIC for CMES. It is also the 22nd 300,000-ton VLCC built for CMES Shipping. After the delivery of New Corolla, CMES has 57 oil tanks with 16.62 million total deadweight tonnages. This delivery is a testimony to the sincere cooperation between DSIC and CMES, and also an achievement to building national strength in transportation, manufacturing and maritime transport and the goal of carbon peak and neutrality. It demonstrates a strong strategic synergy of the central enterprises, making unremitting efforts and contributions to the innovation-driven and sustainable development of the nation.

At the naming ceremony, President Hu said, "I give you the name NEW COROLLA! May you ride the waves and have a prosperous future, bringing glory to the builders, creating value for the owners, and keeping the crew safe forever!"

Mr Li Weiping, Deputy General Manager of AMCL, and Mr Lin Jiming, Deputy General Manager of DSIC, signed the delivery document on behalf of both parties.

About New Corolla

The New Corolla is the third vessel in a series of six new generation energy-saving and environment-friendly VLCCs built by DSIC for CMES Shipping. It is also the 22nd 300,000-tonne ultra-large crude oil tanker delivered to CMES Shipping by DSIC.

The vessel is a new generation of VLCC products independently developed by DSIC. Compared with the previous generation, it pays more attention to optimizing the energy-saving in the actual operation of the vessel, which significantly reduces the fuel consumption of ballast draft and improves the sailing performance of the vessel in wind and waves. This series has outstanding safety and environmental performance, meeting the Harmonized Common Structural Regulation (HCSR) and the latest NOx and SOx emission requirements. It also meets the requirements of the second stage of the Energy Efficiency Design Index, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation and Inventory of Hazardous Materials and the latest big oil company in advance.