The Wuhan branch of CMRORO spares no effort to prevent flood disaster and protect the reservoir

Date : 2020-07-10 Source : CMES Shipping

During the rainy season, the Wuhan area had experienced several rounds of heavy rainfall, and the flood discharge of Longhu Reservoir, located in the upstream of Junshan Storage of the Wuhan branch of CMRORO under CMES Shipping, caused the waterlogging outside Junshan Storage to be 40 cm higher than the inside on average, and some waterlogging was poured back into the storage, which caused serious hidden dangers to the life and health of the staff and the property safety of the Company.

At 9 am on 8 July, in accordance with the deployment, the youth flood control team of the Wuhan branch of CMRORO quickly rushed in the short pause of wind and rain to the easily waterlogged Junshan Storage, where the water level exceeded the warning line. They placed the water-barriers and filled the sandbags, taking advantage of the rare "prime time", and promptly carried out scientific rescue and effective disposal. They completed the emergency rescue work at 4 pm on the same day to isolate the dangerous area and prevent the external water from threatening the commodity storage, which made full preparation for fighting against subsequent flood disaster and relieving the pressure of flood control.

All ashore/onboard staff of CMES Shipping will firmly uphold the concept of safety and fight each battle well during the flood season.