A successful shift change overseas

Date : 2020-08-04 Source : CMES SHIPPING

26 July 2020 - After nearly 8 months of waiting and efforts, on 26 July, with the careful arrangement of AMCL and the full support from Guangzhou Haishun, the "New Ability" ship completed a tough shift change in the Gulf of Mexico with 5 crew members disembarking and 7 crew members boarding. This was the first time that the crew of Guangzhou Haishun completed a shift change in the United States since the outbreak of the epidemic, which successfully opened a new way for the crew to change shifts overseas.

The "New Ability" ship is a time-chartered vessel sailing near the Gulf of Mexico all year round. As the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States worsens, the "New Ability" ship is unable to change shifts normally and some crew members have served beyond the given term affected by multiple factors such as the prevention and control policies of the epidemic and round-trip flights, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of the crew and safe production of the ships. Changing shifts for the "New Ability" ship is urgently required!

The opportunity for such a shift change was hard-won when the shift policy of the port was finally relaxed after negotiation and communication between the leaders of CMES and AMCL and the Gulf of Mexico for many times. Guangzhou Haishun had been preparing for the shift for 8 months in collaboration with AMCL, including the deployment of personnel, formalities handling, visa preparation, certificate verification, material review, epidemic prevention and control, pre-job training, precautions, etc., so as to coordinate all resources to ensure such shift change for the "New Ability" ship.